Shadow Warrior is a single-player first-person shooter where players take control of the modern ninja mercenary Lo Wang from a first-person perspective as he fights through levels of demonic hordes.

3] Levels themselves are divided into chapters, each with Wang progressing through smaller stages to large open battle arenas that have side and hidden areas, occasionally allowing another route.[4]
Wang is equipped with various firearms that require ammunition that can be found throughout stages. Firearms range from fictional versions of pistols, submachine guns, shotguns and rocket launchers.[5] These also include secondary firing modes that allow players to alternate between different modes and rates of fire. Non-firearm weapons include crossbows that can fire both bolts and sticky grenades that can be detonated at will. In addition to firearms, Wang’s signature weapon is the katana that while is for use in close quarters combat, it is also very effective against enemies. Different swings and strikes can be utilized depending on different computer key and mouse movement combinations, creating unique moves of varying effectiveness depending on the enemy type, with the ability slice up enemies into multiple pieces.[4][5] For example a well-timed decapitation can instantly take down a foe or a large swing can strike multiple opponents at once. When using the katana, throwing shurikens can also be used as a secondary backup weapon. The katana can also be used as a quick strike when using firearms in closer quarters.[4]
Enemies themselves vary in strength, size and attack pattern. Some enemies will aggressively attack head on while others use projectiles or other abilities to hinder Wang’s effectiveness in combat. Certain enemies can also be hindered or only killed through the removal of certain limbs, as opposed to others than can be taken down more simply. Certain enemies also occasionally drop items Wang can use including a demon heart that can kill or stun nearby enemies with one use and a demon head that can be used as to fire damaging flames at enemies. The game also features boss fights that are unique, only appearing at certain points in the game and much more formidable in combat, usually requiring key points of attack and minor puzzle elements within the stage.[6]
Wang can upgrade his abilities and weapons with multiple forms of in-game currency for different aspects.[6] "Money" is gained by locating it throughout levels and is used to upgrade weaponry such as recoil laser sights, extra barrels and new fire modes. "Karma" points are gained through how well the player performs in combat, like well aimed gun shots and katana moves such as headshots and limb removals (indicated briefly in-game) or large deposits hidden within stages.[3] These points can be spent on new skills such as increasing healing and damage output, while also allowing new katana moves and luck bonuses. Finally there are "Ki Crystals" that can also be found hidden in levels that allow Wang to learn new powers that can be used in combat, including shockwave attacks, health and damage properties and stunning or manipulating enemies.[5] These new abilities are represented through tattoos on Wang’s body. Wang’s health is indicated through the in-game head-up display. After taking damage, health can be regained through finding health packs found throughout levels. However Wang can also use a power that can heal him up to a certain point, yet not completely.[

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PC Windows

PC Windows
MS: 73%
Playstation 4

Playstation 4
MS: 70%
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Xbox One
MS: 74%


Metascore: 72% (średnio)
85Destructoid: I haven't had this much unadulterated fun chopping and dropping enemies since the late '90s, and I, for one, am eagerly salivating for a bit more of Flying Wild Hog's Wang.
86IGN: Shadow Warrior’s excellent fast-paced swordplay and surprising story make Lo Wang’s comeback tour a great success.
70GameSpot: If you're going to remake a game known for its tacky humor, this is the way to do it. The crassness is here, but it's merely seasoning in a colorful old-school first-person shooter that allows excitement to build organically from the way its systems interact.
75Bit-gamer: Shadow Warrior isn't a classic, but it certainly isn't a disaster either, and if we're honest it's far better than we were expecting. It's respectful of nostalgia, but isn't a slave to it, and instead builds its Pyramids as a shrine to fun. Bright, colourful, messy, silly and deceptively smart fun. It's only real downside, aside from not having a truly original bone in its body, is that it runs out of steam before the finish line. But it's so much fun up to that point, you may well find yourself willing to get out and push.
60Games Radar: Dumb fun is still fun. Shadow Warrior harks back to the days when first-person shooters focused primarily on gory mayhem, without a need for a compelling narrative or puzzles that surpassed color-coded doorways. If you just want to cut through demon hordes like a rabies-afflicted samurai, the action in Shadow Warrior certainly delivers. But it tries to make a compromise between the no-frills shooters of the late '90s and the multifaceted FPSes of modern day, with mixed, sometimes mediocre results.
80Den of Geek: Unlike the reboot of Rise of the Triad, which diligently attempted to preserve no-frills classic FPS play, Shadow Warrior isn't afraid to update itself with more modern gaming conventions, and on the whole, it works. This is a visually attractive and fairly polished release that incorporates some interesting melee FPS combat with a rewarding upgrade system and some tough challenges. It's not all old school, thanks to the more contemporary design and structure, but it's heavy on twitch-centric action, so should please veteran FPS fans regardless.
90Softpedia: Shadow Warrior is an impressive game that manages to combine great swordplay with tongue-in-cheek dialog and gorgeous graphics. It's a successful reboot of the original title and, while using guns is a bit lackluster, Lo Wang's adventures will certainly delight retro gaming fans.
60Video Gamer: Shadow Warrior is as subtle as a blood-tornado spattering through your house on what was previously a very relaxing Sunday morning. This is pure throwback FPS fun, an updated take on the '97 3D Realms original. As such, the objectives are barely removed from that of the archetypal Doom: kill everything, find the key and get to the door. As the katana-wielding warrior Lo Wang, you must slash and shoot your way through swathes of demons and hired goons whilst making irresistible wisecracks, mostly relating to ‘Wang’ being slang for ‘Johnson’.
80PCWorld: Shadow Warrior is a surprisingly successful reboot of a problematic '90s shooter that captures the essence of an over-the-top '80s action movie.
70IncGamers: A gory old-school shooter that largely makes up for a lack of variety by being making combat very, very enjoyable.
60Edge: Flying Wild Hog has re-imagined a cult classic while maintaining Shadow Warrior’s unique personality in a shamelessly flawed and flimsy shooter concerned more with laughs and blood-letting than balance, and the team’s bold embrace of the game’s roots goes a long way to excuse the game’s problems.
0Rock Paper Shotgun: Completely against my expectations, I can’t think of a first-person shooter I’ve enjoyed more this year. Owing as much of a debt to Serious Sam as to the game that it takes its name from, Shadow Warrior rarely pauses for breath. In fact, it rarely changes pace at all. Wang’s movement seemed erratic to me at first, too fast and slippery, but I soon realised that I had it all wrong. Other games are too slow. When there are this many demons to kill and so many ways to kill them, it’s better to move fast and to carry a big sword. Job done.
60Metro: In Short: For a game obsessed with OTT violence and knob gags this is a surprisingly charming and likeable shooter, if an unavoidably shallow and repetitive one.
65Polygon: SHADOW WARRIOR SHOWS ITS POTENTIAL EARLY, BUT NEVER QUITE DELIVERS ON IT This failure to follow through is Shadow Warrior's biggest problem. As a throwback revival, Shadow Warrior lives up to the minimal expectations all but the most die-hard old-school PC shooter fans might have for what it should be. But when Shadow Warrior is less content to settle and reaches for more with its swordplay, its boss battles, and its story of cross-dimensional family infighting, it flirts with something much more — often enough to make clearing a lower bar seem insufficient.
85Inside Gaming Daily: Wrap it all up and you’ve got a goofy, light-hearted adventure with lots of action and smirk-inducing character chemistry. This is as close as we’ll ever get to a video game version of Big Trouble in Little China, which you should understand is a huge compliment. There’s a gritty, punk spirit here that I haven’t seen since No More Heroes. As such, Shadow Warrior is more than a victory for fans of the original, but a spiritual rebirth of what made games of that era so fun in the first place.
80Geeked Out Nation: Shadow Warrior is a pretty fun game to play, partly because the graphics and environments look awesome but mostly because the gameplay is one of the funnest I’ve played in a long time. True, the experience can be disrupted with the annoying frame rate drops and lag between switching weapons but when all the weapons: Sword, Guns and magic spells, come together. It’s a real treat to watch.
80Examiner: Shadow Warrior holds fast to retro gameplay but reinvents just enough to make it a highly enjoyable and entertaining experience. It’s brain-dead, blood simple, and damn fun. Welcome back, Wang.
90Gaming Nexus: Flying Wild Hog has topped their previous game, Hard Reset, in nearly every respect with Shadow Warrior. A myriad of beautiful environments, crazy but balanced and innovative combat, and a smoother difficulty curve prove that the Polish studio has graphical, level and gameplay design talent to spare. Don’t miss this one.
81Game Front: When you get down to it, Shadow Warriors does an impressive job of straddling the line between its retro upbringings and the more advanced first-person shooter offerings of late. It’s not a perfect reboot, but it manages to make slicing through mobs of demons, gangsters, zombies, and abominations at high speed both comical and thrilling in short bursts. There’s just enough old-school flavor here to satiate the primal urge to hammer away at the kill button, but the accompanying depth makes the bloody ride worthwhile despite its shortcomings.
75Gaming Bolt: Gratuitous. Violent. Insane. Bloody. Four words that perfectly sum up Shadow Warrior, a nod to the 1990s classic.
70PopMatters: Shadow Warrior is a solid classic-style first-person shooter. It’s difficult enough to satisfy fans of classic PC shooters and versatile enough to recruit new players of the genre. Combat and lengthy levels can be repetitive but the combat is satisfying enough to keep you coming back for more. It is self-aware about its racial past, and while it doesn’t fully work to change its ways, Shadow Warrior is too charismatic to not play.
60GT: If you're yearning for an old-school shooter Shadow Warrior will scratch that itch. It's an irreverent, low-brow, celebration of unnecessary carnage. If judged by the same standards used for Duke Nuke'm 3D, it would be awesome. But games have changed in sixteen years. The game is fun, at least it starts out fun, but repetition eventually morphs into boredom and killing demons changes from a guilty pleasure to a chore. By the game's mid-point the joy of combat has faded, the humor has worn thin and the characters and storyline aren't strong enough to carry the game. Shadow Warrior does stay true to its 1990s roots, but never truly moves past them.
70The Escapist: Shadow Warrior isn't free of some design flaws that can take away from the experience, but as an action game, its combat is solidly put together. While not the easiest to use, the various weapons and sword fighting combos you have really make you feel like a badass warrior whenever you pull off a gruesome decapitation.
80Hardcore Gamer: Shadow Warrior has big guns, deadly blades, enemies ranging from small to enormous and enough explosions to satisfy even the most pyrotechnically enthusiastic gamer. Shadow Warrior as a franchise probably didn’t warrant a revival of this quality, but now that it’s here we’ve got no complaints.
0CVG: Flying Wild Hog lead talks remakes, humour and why PC is his platform of choice
0The Escapist: Shadow Warrior and Telltale's The Walking Dead are teaming up to bring the finest in zombie-slaying weaponry to Lo Wang's arsenal.
0Strategy Informer : The original Shadow Warrior is best known as “that 3D Realms Build Engine FPS that wasn’t Duke Nukem 3D”. While accurate, and indeed it’s undeniable that Shadow Warrior simply wasn’t as good as Duke Nukem, it was still an excellent shooter.
0Gaming Nexus: Shadow Warrior is one of those old PC games that people have either forgotten or never heard about in the first place. My memories of it are mostly that the game used the same engine as Duke Nukem 3D and that there were some borderline racist Asian stereotypes. You played Lo Wang ("Wang"...get it?) a bodyguard with some sick sword skills and a penchant for violence. He also had a habit for terrible one liners which was the thing to do back in the late 1990’s.
0Gaming Trend: If you were playing first-person shooters on your PC back in 1997, you may remember Shadow Warrior from 3D Realms. While it deserves credit for introducing room-over-room maps, ladders, and vehicles to the FPS genre, most probably remember it for protagonist Lo Wang, utilizing his trademark katana and throwing stars. And of course, there’s the developer’s insistence on playing up Asian kung fu movie stereotypes.
0ShackNews: "You've got Wang." These are the words that greeted me at the start of the closed E3 demo for Shadow Warrior. Right there, I had a feeling that Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog's reboot of the 1998 original understood the essence of what made it such a cult classic.
0The Penny Arcade: Everyone involved with the upcoming reboot of the PC classic Shadow Warriors wants to make one thing absolutely clear: This is a reimagined version of the game. None of the original assets were used, although the main character, setting, and some aspects of the story and combat were retained. The interesting bit, however, is what will be missing.
0PC Gamer: Shadow Warrior is a bit of a blip in the history of PC gaming. The 1997 FPS from the creators of Duke Nukem 3D attempted to parody bad kung fu movies by pouring Eastern themes all over Duke Nukem's technology. While Shadow Warrior was one of the first games to really put the Build engine through its paces, it never achieved the fame of Duke Nukem or Blood. To its credit, it wasn’t horrible enough to enjoy the infamy of 1998’s Extreme Paintbrawl, one of our lowest-rated games ever.
0Polygon: Flying Wild Hog's remake of Shadow Warrior is full of head-bursting, body-splitting violence, but the cartoonish gore is more of an over-the-top nod to the original game, the developer told Polygon during an interview at E3.
0Game Informer: Melee in first-person games is usually hit or miss. Thankfully, our hands-on time with Flying Wild Hog's Shadow Warrior at E3 revealed a title that gets it so right. If you've been following the coverage and want to slice and dice your way through a demon horde, you'll be happy to know that pre-orders are open now.
0INC Gamer: Do you own Saints Row IV on Steam? Are you also planning to buy the wangoriffic Shadow Warrior at some point? If that’s the case, your … well, I hesitate to say reward … but your payoff for those two things will be the inclusion of the infamous ‘penetrator’ weapon from Volition’s title in your copy of Wild Hog’s Shadow Warrior. Wang as he is ordered to acquire a legendary blade of limitless power by his deceitful employer. Betrayed and left for dead, Lo Wang learns of the blade’s connection to ancient gods from another realm preparing to push our world to the brink of destruction. Now the reluctant hero must become legend through a masterful combination of gun, blade, magic and wit to uncover the truth behind the demonic invasion and banish evil back into the darkness.
0Polygon: A Viscera Cleanup Detail standalone mini-game for Shadow Warrior has been launched, available free for owners of Flying Wild Hog's gory combat game. Reasumując, klasyk wskrzeszony przez Flying Wild Hog to kawał dobrej strzelanki, które nie boi się pokazać, że nie każdy FPS musi mieć multi. Dzięki dobrej oprawie, wspaniałej katanie, setką demonów i dużym pokładom dobrego humoru nie można przejść obok tego tytułu obojętnie. Tym bardziej, że 69zł za taki szpil, to wcale nie tak dużo.
91Pure PC: Teraz z pełną odpowiedzialnością mogę napisać: czarna passa kultowych marek nareszcie została przerwana! Zamiast niedorobionej podróbki oryginału otrzymałem soczystą siekaninę, okraszoną niezłą oprawą graficzną, kilkoma świeżymi pomysłami i wyważonym poczuciem humoru. Lo-Wang is back mother fuckers, and he is killing demons with a four barreled shotgun and a katana in an orgy of blood. It's about time someone brought back old-school style shooters.


Dc3f44255b62ade5702e40ef5c37ab8f37f9a19b Michał Szustak Game Director
Paweł Libiszewski Art Director
Łukasz Zdunowski Lead Artist
Michał Hrydziuszko Lead Animator
Michał Mazur Lead Level Designer
Jan Bartkowicz Lead Writer
B94b3b2039fa7d1e3c19632967153ab13bd0fb12 Adam Skorupa Audio Director

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