The Farm 51

The Farm 51
Nordic Games

Nordic Games


XBox 360

XBox 360
MS: 43%
PC Windows

PC Windows
MS: 53%


Metascore: 48% (średnio)
100Gaming Shogun: With the ability to set difficulty levels separately for puzzle and enemy makes this game a great play for an even wider variety of audience. All I can say is I hope there are sequels and that they are as good!
70Gameswelt: Ein bisschen Uncharted, ein bisschen "Indiana Jones", ein bisschen Painkiller und eine Menge Spaß. Deadfall Adventures bietet für Action- und Abenteuer-Fans ein etwas simpler gestricktes Paket, das zwar nicht in die oberen Wertungsgefilde vorstößt, aber dennoch zu unterhalten weiß. Die Entwickler erschaffen nichts Neues, bedienen sich aber althergebrachter Elemente aus vielen Genres und Spielserien. Wer Indy-Fan ist und sich diese Hommage an bekannte Abenteuerserien einmal ansehen möchte, wird nicht enttäuscht.
0Kotaku: Deadfall Adventures is an FPS adventure game inspired by the likes of Indiana Jones and Allan Quartermain. In it, you’ll look for treasures, defuse traps, explore tombs, but most importantly — shoot Nazis.
70GryOnline: The Farm 51 znowu serwuje strzelaninę FPP, ale po raz kolejny stosuje „atmosferyczną woltę” i zaprasza graczy to świata zupełnie innego od tych z poprzednich dzieł studia. Lata trzydzieste, potężny artefakt, naziści, piękna kobieta, pyskaty główny bohater i egzotyczne lokacje. Z czymś się to Wam kojarzy?
80WiiPlayXbox: Deadfall Adventures pulled me into the action from the very beginning, with on occasions making me jump as very dead dudes break out of sarcophagus’ right besides me. With every room, I found myself treading carefully, waiting for the next trap to activate or gun shot. The game achievements are quite easy, so great for achievement hunters.
79IGN Espana: Deadfall Adventures es un título que mezcla hábilmente la aventura con los puzles usando una perpspectiva en primera persona. Los rompecabezas son ingeniosos y la ambientación, ruinas abandonadas por todo el mundo, están bien recreadas y resultan exóticas y emocionantes de recorrer. Sin embargo, la implementación de los momentos de acción no está muy lograda. La IA de los enemigos, la interactividad con los escenarios y el funcionamiento de las armas requieren una profunda revisión, ya que no hacen los comabtes divertidos, sino decepcionantes, sobre todo si los comparamos con el buen trabajo en el resto de campos.
75HC gamer: Czas spędzony z Deadfall Adventures wspominać będę całkiem przyjemnie. Niewątpliwie ocenę poprawia klimat i tematyka, która mimo iż bardzo ciekawa, dosyć rzadko jest spotykana w grach. Fani Uncharted i Indiany Jonesa na pewno będą zadowoleni, nawet mimo kilku niedoróbek. Bez wątpienia Deadfall Adventures byłoby grą znacznie lepszą, gdyby nie fabuła i sposób jej przedstawienia, ale i tak twórcy z The Farm 51 mogą być zadowoleni. Ich najnowszy tytuł to zdecydowanie najlepsza stworzona przez nich do tej pory produkcja i całkiem niezła alternatywa dla tych, którzy w szaleństwie związanym z premierą nowych konsol wolą jeszcze przez jakiś czas zostać przy obecnej generacji.
70xboxer360: Overall Deadfall Adventures leaves you with an awkward experience. While it doesn’t offer anything new in the realm of shooters and often doesn’t even do the bog-standard tropes well, hidden in its depths you’ll find some challenging and rewarding puzzles, even one or two enjoyable shootouts. If you can look past its lack of polish and rather lamentable AI, you’ll find some fun to be had.
70Laser Lemming: It’s not perfect, and certainly not quite on a par with genre heavy weights like Tomb Raider or Uncharted, but at the same time it’s impossible not to fall for its charms. However as an FPS it’s a refreshing break from the endless battlefields and Hollywood bombast that currently dominates the modern shooter landscape providing a much lighter, cheerier and thoroughly entertaining alternative to all the doom and gloom of the likes of Battlefield and Call of Duty.
76Strategy Informer: Deadfall Adventures certainly has some problems but if you’re an Indiana Jones fan you really should be getting it. The shooting isn’t anything to write home about, animation is rather basic, voice acting is okayish, and there are glitches and little problems aplenty, but the puzzles, exploration, traps and amazing environments make the whole thing worthwhile.
68Press Play Media: As such, Deadfall Adventures gets a lot of aspects right but never manages to balance its components in such a way to create a package that’s more than the sum of its parts. The storyline never feels as well developed as the game’s setting, and some of the puzzles are much less refined than others. But for all its faults, Deadfall Adventures does manage to entertain. It profits a lot from being the first in its genre, mixing first person shooters with puzzles and adventuring. It’s nowhere near perfect, but the equivalent of a fun popcorn movie. As such, it’s closer to The Mummy than it is to Indiana Jones – fun, but never more than that.
65Softpedia: Deadfall Adventures is an ambitious game that, unfortunately, disappoints through its wonky shooting, its hit and miss puzzles, and the rough character animations. While it could've been a really impressive experience, it ends up being a lackluster one. It does offer quite a bit of content to go through, but a lot of work is needed to make the shooting decent enough. Deadfall Adventures to gra, której trzeba sporo wybaczyć, ale jeśli wciąż z wypiekami czekacie na każdy seans przygód Indiany Jonesa, to spokojnie możecie zainteresować się tym tytułem. Tylko jeszcze nie teraz. Produkcja The Farm 51 nie oczaruje Was grafiką i pewnie znudzi strzelaniem. Ale ma w sobie serce, które sprawia, że gdy padnie chwilowo ostatni przeciwnik, przestaniecie biegać i zaczniecie uważnie obserwować otoczenie w poszukiwaniu skarbów oraz chroniących je pułapek.
60Gameasylum: Deadfall Adventures may be clunky in places, but it has a heart that’s firmly in the right place. It’s the kind of game that we wish we didn’t have to stick a score to – coming from a small studio it was never going to be able to compete with the likes of Tomb Raider and Uncharted. Yet with a decent selection of puzzles and a desire to do things slightly differently, The Farm 51 have managed to make something with the elusive sense of adventure that some developers forget to include.
50Xplore Gaming: Deadfall Adventures lacks the originality to really accomplish anything worthy of a higher score. Some of the features are well done, impressive in fact, but others are just weak and disjointed. This inconsistency makes the game fun and enjoyable, but only in limited doses. Neither the story nor the characters will grip you, but the combat and puzzles might and but altogether doesn’t do justice to the themes it tributes. “All things live forever, though at times they sleep and are forgotten”, its time to put this to bed.
50INC gamers: The locations and themes in Deadfall Adventures are its stars, but neither the combat nor the puzzles really stand out and the pulp tone goes missing whenever most of the cast speak. A forgettable, Boy’s Own jaunt through well-thumbed pages of adventure fiction.
40God is geek: Deadfall Adventures is based on an interesting concept, but simply doesn’t do anything well enough. The story is clichéd, badly delivered and far too derivative of games like Uncharted. The gameplay is irritating – let down by strange design choices and niggly control issues; sadly, what little the title does well is mired in these basic gameplay complaints. To make matters worse, the visual presentation is unimpressive and sparse – lacking any real detail and quality, and the audio adds nothing to the overall experience with by-the-numbers music and poor voice work. All of this results in a game that isn’t enjoyable to play, and has a story that isn’t likely to hold your attention.
40Heyu Guys Gaming: There is a lot to like about Deadfall Adventures, it’s a shame that’s weighed down by a real lack of imagination, stealing original ideas from elsewhere and generally being very uninspiring.
40We got this covered: While Deadfall Adventures shares its inspiration with Indiana Jones, it lacks everything that made the movie series special. Instead, it features bland puzzles, basic combat mechanics and many frustrating gameplay issues.
38Den of geek: Deadfall Adventures is hackneyed to its core, and has bargain bin written all over it--even that may be giving it a little more credit than it deserves. If I were to compare Deadfall Adventures to any one of the Indiana Jones films which it attempts to resemble, it'd have to be The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
20Empire Online: If there's a positive to be found in the game, it's that its puzzles are often cleverly designed and implemented. There're far too infrequent though, highlighting how bad the rest of the package is. In short, Deadfall Adventures a game so bad that Uwe Boll making a movie from it would only be an improvement.
70Gaming Bolt: Characters may fall flat and lack a sense of personality but this isn't enough to turn people away. Beautiful settings, an engaging atmosphere, and the focus on delivering a great experience is where Deadfall Adventures is at its strongest.


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